Is this true Can’t believe the eyes

Raja Ravi Varma has become an undisputed masterpiece.The paintings of the painter of the day must be taken for a few moments. Ravi Varma’s paintings has become the star of today’s celebrities.Photos related to this are currently smashing social media.


The heroine of the day, Suhasini runs a charitable trust called Nam, aimed at women empowerment. As part of this, we have set up the latest Nam Mobile event.It has invited celebrities Suhasini has planned to make a calendar with 12 heroines. However, the paintings in the calendar were intended to be nothing more than Ravi varma paintings. Renowned photographer and visual artist Venkat Ram came up with his idea.Ravi Varma has re-created the film with several heroines like Samantha and Sruthihasan. Manju Lakshmi, Khushboo, Aishwarya Raijesh were also seen in this photo shoot. Fans who have seen them are fed up with the beauty of actresses.Fans boast that there are pictures of Ravi Varma from the arm.

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