Yes it was Emotional blackmail Says Selena gomez

American pop singer Selena Gomez said she was exposed to emotional blackmail during a reunion with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. In a recent interview with Selena O’Connell, she shared her bitter experience after the breakup with Justin Bieber.Asked if it was difficult for you to move on with life after splitting with Bieber, she said, “Yes.” Separating with favorites is very painful.The pain of being mentally ill cannot be put into words.Getting out of it is not easy.However, I grew stronger from this.I’m not mistaking it. But I think I am also a victim of some emotional abuse.


Similarly, as a mature girl,I wanted to get out of this.I thought that life should never be so painful.l am proud that occasionally I am not stronger than I am.In 2011, rumors came about that Selena and Justin Bieber were in love.The two parted ways in Hollywood for some time in 2018.It was reported that Bieber was married to top model Hayley Boldwin just days after the break.

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